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Welcome to the NEHW Electronic Resource Centre

Please use these downloadable resources to celebrate National Eye Health Week and highlight the importance of regular eye tests as well as how lifestyle choices can affect your vision and eye health.

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Please note that these materials may not be altered and that information and images may not be copied without the express permission of the National Eye Health Week project team. For permission please contact rachel@visionmatters.org.uk

If you would like artwork supplied with full bleed or have bespoke requests (eg; large format artwork for window displays) please contact info@visionmatters.org.uk 


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Download a copy of the National Eye Health Week video animation here


A5 Leaflets

Download Top Tips Leaflet


Download Sight Test Leaflet


Download Smoking and Eye Health Leaflet


Download Minor Eye Conditions Leaflet


Download Your Child's Eye Health Leaflet


Download Sight After Sixty Leaflet


Download Eyewear Leaflet


Posters (A4 unless stated otherwise)

Download Get Tested Poster (A4)

Download Get Tested Poster (A3)


Download Minor Eye Conditions Poster


Download Go Out And Play Poster


Download Cover Up Poster


Download Cake Sale Poster (A4)

Download Cake Sale Poster (A3)


Download Weight Watcher Poster


Download Eat Well Poster


Download Falls Poster


Download Smoking Causes Sight Loss Poster


Download Get Active Poster


Download Heart Your Eyes Poster (A3)


Recipe Cards

Download Salmon Recipe Card


Download Peach Melba Recipe Card


Download Spinach and Broccoli Recipe Card


A5 Flyers

Download Screen Smart Flyer


Download Get Active Flyer


Download Amsler Grid Flyer


Download Diet and Eye Health Flyer


Download Cover Up Flyer


Download Contact Lens Flyer


A7 Leaflets

Download Eye Drops Leaflet


Download Your Weight Leaflet


Kids Activity Sheet (A5)

Download Kids Activity Sheet


Template press releases

Download general news release

Download event announcement release