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COVID19 Eye Care Guide

Eye Health UK has published an essential guide to caring for your eyes during the coronavirus pandemic on the vision matters website.

The guide provides the public with advice about how, and when, to access primary eye care services during the pandemic as well as tips on keeping your eyes and vision healthy during lockdown.

A host of issues are covered inside the handy guide including: what to do if your contact lens prescription expires; the provision of post-operative care and protecting your eyes from DIY disasters.

The charity’s chairman, David Cartwright comments: “It’s vital that the public are clear about how to look after their eye health during these extraordinary times and know how the optical sector are here to help as they provide vital telemedical care and support the NHS frontline effort.” 

The charity is also promoting important public health messages and advice on social media channels using the hashtag #COVID19EyeCare throughout the pandemic.


Twitter: @myvisionmatters

Instagram: nationaleyehealthweek


Click here to read the COVID19 Eye Care Guide


Published: 6 April 2020