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Here's a series of social assets to help you spread the word on eye health during NEHW23.

Click the links below to download graphics and posts to use on your websites and social media platforms.

Remember to include the hashtag #VisionMatters and #EyeWeek when using these materials.

The resources are linked to the Week’s daily themes and should NOT be used prior to the specified dates.

Further resources will drop during the Week so don't forget to check back here later.

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For use on, or afer, Monday 18 September 2023

Sight Saver rectangle graphic  

Download Essential Health Check Graphic (rectangle)


NEHW23 Sight Saver Square

Download Essential Health Check Graphic (square)


Suggested social post

Eye Tests are vital health checks. They can spot signs of eye disease years before you notice a change in your vision. They can even detect a range of common health conditions, including #Diabetes #HighBloodPressure & #HeartDisease. Get tested this #EyeWeek because #VisionMatters


For use on, or afer Tuesday 19 September 2023

NEHW 23 Go Outdoors rectangle

Download Go Outdoors Graphic (rectangle)


NEHW 23 Go Outdoors (Square)

Download Go Outdoors Graphic (square)


Suggested social post

It's estimated that by 2050 more than half of us will be short-sighted. Spending time outdoors – aim for 2hrs or more a day – has been shown to reduce the risk of myopia (short-sightedness) in children. #EyeWeek #VisionMatters #OutdoorPlayHelpsKeepsMyopiaAway


For use on or after Wednesday 20 September 2023

NHS Digital eye care rectangle

Download Digital Eye Care Graphic (rectangle)


NEHW 23 Digital Eye Care Graphic (Square)

Download Digital Eye Care Graphic (square)


Suggested Post

Minimise symptoms of screen fatigue by following the 20-20-20 rule – Look up from your screen every 20 minutes & focus on something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. For more eye care tips for screen users click here https://visionmatters.org.uk/looking-after-your-eyes/screen-smart #EyeWeek #VisionMatters


Download Digital Eye Care Blog (pdf)


For use on, or afer, Thursday 21 September 2023

NEHW Eye on Mental Health (rectangle)

Download Eye on Mental Health Graphic  (rectangle)


NEHW Eye on Mental Health (square)

Download Eye on Mental Health Graphic (square)


Suggested Post

1 in 7 Brits say the quality of their vision has left them feeling anxious. Dealing with anxiety can be hard. But there are some things you can do to manage these tough feelings. Find out more here http://mentalhealth.org.uk. #EyeWeek  #VisionMatters #EyeQReport


For use on, or after, Friday 22 September 2023

NEHW 23 Live Well See Well

Download Live Well, See Well Graphic (rectangle)


NEHW 23 Live Well, See Well (square)

Download Live Well, See Well Graphic (square)


Suggested Post

Many of us risk future avoidable sight loss because we don’t know how to look after our eyes properly. Check if you could be doing more to reduce your risk here http://visionmatters.org.uk/looking-after-your-eyes/eye-health-calculator #VisionMatters #EyeWeek


For use on, or after, Sunday 24 September 2023

NEHW 23 Smoking and Sight Loss (rectangle)

Download Smoking and Sight Loss (rectangle)


NEHW 23 Smoking & Sight Loss Square

Download Smoking & Sight Loss Graphic (square)


Suggested Post

The link between smoking and sight loss is as strong as the link between smoking and lung cancer. http://visionmatters.org.uk/news/news/post/156-say-eye-quit-for-stoptober Say #EyeQuit this #Stoptober #VisionMatters #EyeWeek For help to quit nhs.uk/better-health/quit-smoking/