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Welcome to the NEHW Electronic Resource Centre

A new range of resources will launch here summer 2024. See below for details of materials published to support National Eye Health Week 2023.



Here you'll find a host of 'print your own' resources to help you spread the word on eye health during National Eye Health Week 2023.

Follow us on X (formerly Twitter) @myvisionmatters  or on Instagram @nationaleyehealthweek to keep up-to-date with the latest news and information about additional resources that will drop throught the Week.

Please note our resources may not be altered or changed in anyway. If you have a special requirement please get in touch and we will do our best to help.

When using the digital assets you should include the hashtag #VisionMatters or #EyeWeek and respect the embargo dates. This will amplify the national conversation and extend the reach of the campaign.

Thanks for getting invovled and sharing important advice and information about looking after our eyes.

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Daily Themes 2023

Monday NHS Eye Care & Support

Tuesday Myopia and Me

Wednesday Digital Eye Care

Thursday Eye on Mental Health

Friday Live Well, See Well

Saturday Photographic Competition Launch

Sunday Smoking & Sight Loss.

Find out more about our daily themes here


Myopia and Me flyer new resource notice

Download Myopia & Me Flyer



A4 Posters

NEHW23 A4 Posters

Download How's Your Sight Seeing Poster

Download Minor/Urgent Eye Conditions Poster

Download Kids' Go Free Poster

Download Eye on Mental Health Poster

Download Sight Tests for Over 60s Poster

Download Get Active Poster

Download Screen Smart Poster

Download Watch Your Weight Poster

Download Go Outdoors Poster

Download Smoking & Sight Loss Poster


Marcus Wareing Recipe Cards  – A5 cards featuring two delicious dishes, rich in eye-friendly nutrients...


Ainsley Harriott A5 Recipe CardsDownload Cauliflower Curry Recipe Card

Download Pear Tarte Tatin Recipe Card


A5 Leaflets - Print double-sided on A4 papar and fold to create a four page A5 leaflet...

NEHW23 Leaflet covers

Download Vision Matters (Top Tips) leaflet

Download All About Eye Tests Leaflet

Download Minor Eye Conditions Leaflet


A5 Flyers – Two-sided (print front and back)

NEHW23 Flyer Cover Images

Download UV protection Flyer

Download Diet and Eye Health Flyer

Download Screen Smart Flyer

Download Eyes & Mental Health Flyer

Download Get Active Flyer

Download Smoking and Sight Loss Flyer

Download Watrch Your Weight Flyer


A5 Kids' Activity Sheet (print A4 download and cut to size)

NEHW222 kids activity sheet cover

Download Kids' Activity Sheet

Autumn Activity Guide


Many thanks to all those supporters who will be fundraising for Eye Health UK during National Eye Health Week. Please use the form below to send us monies raised.

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