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Millions of us are entitled to free eye care paid for by the NHS.

Community eye care services available at many high street opticians include sight tests, optical vouchers for prescription eyewear, as well as, enhanced services such as post-cataract care and appointments for urgent or minore eye conditions.

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Eligibility for NHS Sight Tests and Optical Vouchers

NHS Eye Care Support for People Living on Low Incomes

Additional Primary Eye Care Services (England)

This includes NHS appointments at opticians for symptoms such as:

- Minor eye injury
- Red eye
- Painful eye
- Foreign body
- Sudden loss/change in vision
- New onset flashes/floaters

There’s no need to see your GP. Opticians can make swift accurate diagnosis and issue prescriptions or refer direct to secondary care.

NHS Eye Care Services in Wales 

NHS Eye Care in Scotland

NHS Eye Care in Northern Ireland