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If your eyes feel out of sorts after spending time looking at screens you could be suffering screen fatigue

To keep your eyes feeling fresh and bright always follow the 20-20-20 rule when looking at screens (TV, computer, mobile, tablet etc) for extended periods:

As well as taking regular breaks how your screen is set-up can also affect your risk of screen fatigue. One rule of thumb when thinking about where and how to position screens is the 1 – 2 – 10 rule:


  • view mobile phones from a distance of one foot (30cm)
  • desktop devices and laptops from two feet (60 – 75cms),
  • TV screens from around 10 feet (depending on how big the screen is).


Starring at screens can also highlight existing vision problems that you may have (for example short-sightedness) so it’s vital that screen users have regular sight tests and follow a healthy eyecare regime.


If you regularly use a screen as part of your working day you’re entitled to regular sight tests paid for by your employer. A further 30 million people are entitled to sight tests paid for by the NHS. For information about sight tests click here.


DON'T FORGET: if you need glasses specifically for VDU work, your employer should cover the cost.


For more tips on minimising your risk of screen fatigue click the image below to download our screen smart flyer.


                                              NEHW23 screensmart flyer