E-vision simulator:
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Road Safety Week 18 - 24 November 2019

Eyesight is a key factor in road safety, but one that is often ignored. Visual acuity, field of vision, night vision, contrast sensitivity and other visual functions can all compromise safe driving.

We estimate there are nine million drivers on the Britain’s roads with vision that falls below the legal standards of vision for driving [1]. More than 90% of information a driver uses is visual so ensuring your eyesight is up to scratch is crucial. Research [2] shows drivers with vision that falls below the legal standards struggle to stay in lane, read road signs or keep a consistent speed. Poor eyesight also hampers your ability to react to unexpected hazards.

Road crashes involving a driver with poor vision are estimated to cause 2,900 casualties and cost £33 million in the UK per year [3].

Having regular sight tests – once every two year’s unless advised otherwise by your optometrist – and wearing your prescription eyewear every time you get behind the wheel is essential to improve road safety and reduce the risk of injury to you and other road users.

Take a look at our Clear Vision, Safe Driving leaflet for info on how to keep your vision roadworthy.


[1] Based on roadside checks data collected by the charity in conjuntion with West Mercia Police

[2] Fit to Drive driving simulator assessment conducted at Brunel University

[3] Fit to Drive: a cost benefit analysis of more frequent eyesight testing for UK drivers, RSA Insurance Group plc, overview available on the Road Safety Observatory