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Why is a sight test important?

Many people think that a sight test is just about checking whether your vision needs correcting with glasses or contact lenses. But there are other important reasons to have a regular sight test.

A sight test is a vital check on the health of the eyes and includes the detection of eye conditions. Many of these, if found early, can be treated successfully, avoiding potential sight loss.

A sight test can also detect other health conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

More information on sight tests (NHS Choices Video)

Who needs a regular sight test?

Everybody! Sight tests should be part of everyone’s healthcare routine just like going to the dentist.

How often should I have a sight test?

Most people should have a sight test once every two years.

Certain groups may need a sight test more frequently. These include:

  • People with a history of eye conditions in the family
  • People over 40 of Afro-carribean or Asian origin

Speak to your optometrist for individual advice.

More information on frequency of sight tests (NHS Choices)

Where do I go for a sight test?