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Follow the Sunbeams top tips to help protect against avoidable sight loss.

  • Take your child for regular sight tests (once every two years unless advised otherwise by your optometrist).
  • Ensure they eat a diet rich in leafy greens, colourful fruits, fish, eggs and whole grains.
  • Protect their eyes from damaging UV.


Everyday protection from UV is vital, especially for young eyes which are more susceptible to damage.* 

One simple way you can tell if your eyes are in danger of UV damage is to look at your shadow. If your shadow is taller than you, you should protect your eyes using a hat, sunglasses or UV protective lenses.

Download the Sunbeams guide for more advice on keeping your child's eyes healthy, including top tips to help even the fussiest eaters enjoy a diet rich in eye-friendly nutrients.

sunbeams parent leaflet

Sunbeams guide to keeping kids' eyes healthy


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*The lens of a child's eye allows 70% more light to reach the retina than in an adults eye (The Vision Centre, Los Angeles Children's Hospital)