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Welcome to the NEHW Electronic Resource Centre

Resources for National Eye Health Week 2017 will be published in the Spring.

Below are the electronic resource materials published for National Eye Health Week 2016.

Please note that these materials may not be altered and that nformation and images may not be copied without the express permission of the National Eye Health Week project team. For permission please contact

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Event Handbook

Use this handbook to help you plan and event of activity to mark National Eye Health Week.

NEHW 2017 Event Handbook

Remember to register your event or activity on our online event calendar here

Cook Book

An exclusive collection of mouthwatering recipes and simple food swaps to help you enjoy a diet packed with eye-friendly nutrients.

Cook Book


A5 leaflets with essential advice on caring for your eyes.

Sight Test

Top Tips

Smoking and Sight Loss

Women's Eye Health

Guide to Dry Eye

Sight After Sixty


A5 flyers with key advice for parents, screen users and contact lens wearers

Kids Go Free

Wearing and Caring For Your Contact Lenses

Screen Smart

Amsler Grid

Age-related macular degeneration vision test

Amsler Grid

A3 Posters

Series of posters with important eye health messages plus event promotion and #eyeQ&A posters

Importance of regular sight tests

Colour Vision Deficiency

Generic Event Promotion


A4 Posters

Series of posters with important eye health messages

Generic Event

Sight Test


Smoking and Sight Loss

Kids Go Free

UV Protection

Cake Sale

Sight After Sixty

Kids' Activity Sheets

Fun games and activities to help get kids thinking about the importance of good eye health

Multi Activity Sheet (A5)

iSpy (A4)

Press Releases

Template press release and guide to media relations

Six Simple Sight Savers Supporter Template Release

Event Template Release

Guide to Media Relations

Digital and Social Media

Content for web and social media sites

The official hashtags for National Eye Health Week 2016 are #eyeweek and #eyeQ&A

Images for use on twitter posts (these will be updated daily during the week)


Importance of Sight Tests

Children's Vision

Diabetic Retinopathy

Sight Tests are free for over 60s


Suggested Tweets

Day 1.

14 Million of us risk avoidable sight loss because we fail to have regular sight tests. #VisionMatters #EyeWeek

Did you know? 50% of sight loss is avoidable. Keep your eyes & vision healthy by having regular sight tests #eyeweek

Healthy eyes, healthy you! #SightTests are essential health checks and can detect things like diabetes & high blood pressure #EyeWeek


Day 2.

Early detection and diagnosis of common childhood eye conditions is vital. Eye tests for under 16s are free on the NHS #kidsgofree #eyeweek

80% of learning is visual. Make sure your child can see clearly. Eye tests for under 16s are free on the NHS #kidsgofree #eyeweek


Day 3.

If you’re #diabetic your eyes should be screened for signs of retinopathy every year by your local diabetic eye screening service #eyeweek

Research shows that if retinopathy is identified early & treated appropriately, blindness can be prevented in 90% of those at risk #eyeweek

A third of young people with diabetes are missing out on annual eye checks @DiabetesUK #eyeweek


Day 4.

Early diagnosis is key to the effective treatment and management of many common age related eye conditions #sightaftersixty #eyeweek

Take a look at the #eyeweek #sightaftersixty guide for information about eye care for the over 60s

Poor vision is a major contributory factor of falls in the over 60s. Don’t be blind to the risks. #eyeweek #sightaftersixty

Millions of over 60s miss out on vital sight tests. #eyeweek #sightaftersixty


Day 5.

Take a minute remember why eye health is important. Join the #BigBlink & close your eyes for 60’ to see why Vision Matters #eyeweek Pls RT

Click here to download the #BigBlink twitter pic


Day 6.

Research shows eating one portion of fish a week could reduce your risk of #AMD by up to 40% #eyeweek

Green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale are rich in eye-friendly nutrients #eyeweek

Research suggests that diets rich in fruits, vegetables, fish, wholegrains, chicken and eggs may benefit eye health #eyeweek

Click here to download a nutrition and the eye twitter stream pic


Day 7.

Tobacco smoke causes biological changes in your eyes that can lead to vision loss #eyeweek

Smoking is a major risk factor in the development of cataracts #eyeweek

Research published in @bmj suggests 1 in 5 cases of #AMD are caused as a direct result of tobacco consumption #eyeweek

Click here to download a smoking ans sight loss twitter strem pic



Guest Blog from Julian Jackson Director of Visionbridge

Research and clinical innovations in support of patients with AMD


Digital presentation highlighting six simple steps to better eye health




No Smoking Day 8 March 2017

No Smoking Day Poster

Lighting Up Could Leave You In The Dark Poster

Lighting Up Could Leave You In The Dark Leaflet